Congratulations to the following

Aaira Bagga

Andrew Lu

Anmol Agrawal

Anna Riedl

Anna Wach

Apurva Sarkar

Bailey Burke

Beth Keegan

Billy Heniades

Brandon Coleman

Brian Metzger

Caroline Hodakowski

Charlie Zupan

Damian Dziura

Dan Harty

Danny Ganzman

Darian Gerasta

Diane Hu

Emma Hackett

Erik Meyer

Faith Lindell

Gabriel Matar

Georgia Thomas

Grace Lyman

Grant Nelson

Ishani Desai

Jack Ambrosino

Jack Garibaldi

Jack Michel

Jennifer Huynh

Jessica Moxon

Joey Kennedy

John Marshall

Joseph Lim

Josh Patel

Kaelan Lee

Karina Bolet

Katherine Carney

Katherine Williams

Kathleen Culligan

Kayra Yasa

Kayt Raquel

Kevin Garcia

Kieran Hutchison

Lauren Baker

Lauren Nay

Lauren Viola

Lauryn Kalinich

Leo Troshchenko

Luc Dowell

Maddie Wray

Maggie Bender

Maggie Horak

Maggie Myles

Mansi Bodalia

Mason Kaiser

Matt Sutherland

Matthew Ligas

Max Zator

Michael Achepohl

Miku Morikuni

Morgan Campagna

Neil Patel

Nikhil Velivela

Patrick Helle

Patrick Popelka

Pavan Baloo

Pooja Agarwal

Priyanka Balakumar

Quinn Sharo

Ramona Bourjas

Regan Murphy

Riley Terry

Ritish Bhimavarapu

Rob McCracken

Ryan Nelson

Sahil Modi

Saloni Patel

Sam Toreja

sarah grier

Shane Schatz

Siena Pieruccini

Simer Singh

Siyi (Angel) Chen

Stefan Rebic

Steven Sohn

Tanner Stefani

Vishnu Chakroborty

Winnie Wu

Yousuf Mitchell

Zachary Plumley


Frequent interactions with corporate sponsors, our extensive alumni base, and unique mentorship program allow members to tap into a broad network that spans industries and locations. Our organizational philosophy reflects our belief that professionalism should be part of everything we do at PGN.


Giving back to our community is an integral part of our identity at Phi Gamma Nu. Our leadership works hard to organize multiple philanthropy events each week, and ensures that each semester PGN is leaving a positive and meaningful impact on our community.


From barn dances to formals, our members always enjoy spending time with one another even outside of planned events. Our culture of collaboration and diversity fosters a strong bond amongst our members, making Phi Gamma Nu a family for our brothers.