Our Spring '18 New Member Class

Advait Patel
Alexander Berube
Andrew Goodwin
Ashley Rayan
Austin Robbs
Billy O'Donnell
Caleb DeRuiter
Cameryn Carrico
Colin Fischer
Emma Riedl
Gina Miklasz
Justyna Borowski
Mahiro O'Haru
Matt Schroeder
Matthew Uthupan
Michelle Mohamed
Olivia Bergeron
Oorvi Pai
Patrick Meier
Spencer Poklop
Sunita Kavthekar


Frequent interactions with corporate sponsors, our extensive alumni base, and unique mentorship program allow members to tap into a broad network that spans industries and locations. Our organizational philosophy reflects our belief that professionalism should be part of everything we do at PGN.


Giving back to our community is an integral part of our identity at Phi Gamma Nu. Our leadership works hard to organize multiple philanthropy events each week, and ensures that each semester PGN is leaving a positive and meaningful impact on our community.


From barn dances to formals, our members always enjoy spending time with one another even outside of planned events. Our culture of collaboration and diversity fosters a strong bond amongst our members, making Phi Gamma Nu a family for our brothers.