2017 Leadership

Executive Board

Nisha Choksi

Major: Finance
Minor: Chemistry
Class of 2018

Nisha is a member of the Fall 2014 new member class and is on the pre-dental track. In the past, she has served as the chair of the Professionalism and Alumni committees. She recently studied abroad this past fall in Vienna, Austria and looks forward to interning this summer with FTI Consulting in Chicago. In her leisure time, Nisha enjoys painting and being a teaching assistant for organic chemistry.

Archan Patel

External Vice President
Major: Accountancy and Finance
Minor: Informatics
Class of 2018

Archan is part of the Fall 2014 new member class, and in the past, he has chaired both the Philanthropy and Fundraising Committees. Archan has studied abroad in Stockholm, Sweden and taken a trip to Singapore & Malaysia through the College of Business. This upcoming summer, he will be interning at Jump Trading in Chicago as an Accounting and Finance Intern. Archan enjoys playing volleyball, traveling, and watching Game of Thrones in his free time.

Alok Vaidya

Internal Vice President
Major: Accountancy and Finance
Class of 2018

Alok is part of the Fall 2014 new member class. In the past, Alok served as Public Relations Chair as well as being part of the Recruitment committee. Last summer, Alok interned at Northrop Grumman Corporation where he worked on government contracts for the United States Army and Navy. This upcoming summer he will be interning at Deloitte in New York City. In his leisure time, Alok likes to play golf and is a big sports fan.

Alec Ferreira

Vice President of Membership
Major: Accountancy and Finance
Class of 2018

Alec is a member of the Fall 2014 new member class. In the past, he has served as assistant to the VPM as well as the Public Relations chair and Social chair. Last summer, he was a Discovery Intern with Deloitte, and he looks forward to another internship with them this summer in their Audit function. In his free time, Alec enjoys movies, fantasy football, and travel.

Grace Henderson

Vice President of Finance
Major: Systems Engineering and Design
Class of 2018

Grace has interned at FTI consulting as well as HealthScape Advisors. Other than being a member of PGN on campus, she serves as a Learning Assistant for an Engineering 100 section. Grace loves traveling, especially backpacking around Australia and Southeast Asia. She's loves finding new music as long as she can dance to it. Being from New Jersey, she's a huge New York Giants football fan and loves watching other sports as well.

Neli Farahmandpour

Vice President of Communications
Major: Business Process Management and Information Systems and Information Technology
Class of 2018

Neli will be interning with Boeing in the Summer of 2017. In the past, she has done a job shadow with Aldi and participated in a Deloitte leadership conference. On campus, Neli is also a part of Illinois Business Consulting as a senior consultant. In her free time, Neli is an avid reader, and she enjoys going jogging.

External Committee Chairs

Ankit Aggarwal

Major: Accountancy and Finance
Full Time: BMO Capital Markets
Class of 2017

Adithti Addepelli
College of Business RElations

Major: Accountancy and Finance
Minor: Computer Science
Internship: Microsoft
Class of 2018

Sean Lyons
Corporate Relations

Major: Accountancy and Finance
Internship: Moelis and Company
Class of 2018

Hannah McCurdy
External Affairs

Major: Nursing
Class of 2019

Alex Littleton

Major: Finance
Minor: Technology & Management
Internship: J.P. Morgan Chase
Class of 2018

Taylor Gibson

Major: International Business and Marketing
Internship: Abercrombie and Fitch
Class of 2018

Madeleine Sanderson

Major: Finance
Class of 2019

Brendan Weibel
Compete For a Cure

Major: Computer Engineering
Minor: Physics
Internship: Groupon
Class of 2017

Esha Gandhi

Major: Economics and Statistics
Full Time: PwC
Class of 2017

Internal Committee Chairs

Nick Castelvecchi

Major: Finance
Class of 2018

Nick flowers

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Business
Internship: Pepsi
Class of 2018

Sophie Lanser
Special Events

Major: Industrial Engineering
Class of 2018

Sarah Felvey
Public Relations

Major: Accountancy
Class of 2019

Daniel Goldblatt
Senior Affairs

Major: Marketing and Information Systems/Information Technology
Full Time: West Monroe Partners
Class of 2017

Sydney Kiwaiko

Major: Finance
Minor: Technology and Management
Internship: JP Morgan Chase
Class of 2018

Corey Lenhoff
Membership & Scholarship

Major: Political Science
Minor: Business and Spanish
Full Time: HealthScape Advisors
Class of 2017

Mary Dant

Major: Management and Marketing
Minor: French
Class of 2019